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Destop motherbo
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Product Part No. Description Price
Digital Engine 50.ADE01.0310 C.A USB 4P TO 4P 100MM FOR DE-945 $5.50
Digital Engine 50.ADE01.0010 C.A USB*2 C043-25391-X02 100MM $7.00
Digital Engine 50.MA401.0010 C.A USB2.0 1251-4P*2 + 1251-7P $5.50
Digital Engine 50.ADE01.0410 C.A. D-SUB 9P+1251-9P 120MM $9.50
Digital Engine 50.ADE01.0820 D-SUB 15P+1251-10P HSG 150MM (Internal VGA cable) $9.50
Digital Engine 50.00001.0110 DP to HDMI(200mm) $24.00
EPC 50.EP403.001 7.1 CH RCA CABLE $7.00
EPC 50.05223.041 C.A 10P MB TO HDTV (T008-R004) $5.00
EPC 50.EB401.001 CABLE IR BlASTER RWS9000-1301F $7.00
EPC 50.97A05.001 FDD CABLE ATA33 320MM CUBE $3.00
EPC 50.88V02.0110 MD 7PM TO MD 1PF(BLACK) + RCA y*4 $19.00
Mini PC 50.MF601.0110 C.A 7P TO7P W/ACETIC ACID TAPE $5.00
Mini PC 50.MFS01.0110 C.A 7P TO7P+ACETIC ACID TAPE*3 $5.50
Mini PC 50.8EX07.0010 C.A DVI ML TO DVI FML +VGA CBL $30.00
Mini PC 50.MPC02.0010 C.A G/B/R/2502-3P 220MM $5.50
Mini PC 50.88V02.0010 C.A MD 7PM TO MD 1PF+RCA FML*4 $19.00
Mini PC 50.88V02.0110 C.A MD 7PM TO MD 1PF+RCA FML*4 $19.00
Mini PC 50.MPC02.0210 C.A RED UL2468#26 2502-2P 250M $5.50
Mini PC 50.8EX05.0010 C.A TU1252 TO TU1501 75MM $5.50
Mini PC 50.MPC02.0110 C.A UL1007#28 2502-5P 360MM $5.50
Mini PC 50.MA401.0110 C.A UL1571#30 2502HSG+1501HSG $5.50
Mini PC 50.8EX05.0110 C.A. WIRE TO BOARD 7P 85MM $5.50
Mini PC 25.H0003.0610 CONN DVI 25+5M TO D-SUB 15F $12.00
Mini PC 25.H0003.0410 CONN DVI ML TO HDMI ML ADA $8.50
Mini PC 50.ADE03.0010 HDMI to DVI (1500 mm) $19.50
Mini PC 41.MPC02.0010 MINIPC-II_COVER PC $12.50
Mini PC 50.88V02.0110 S-Video to YPbPr Cable C.A MD 7PM TO MD 1PF+RCA FML*4 $19.00
Mini PC 59.ADE09.0010 TV Tuner Cables $19.00
Notebook 50.NKD01.031 C.A. 2P 2C 50MM SUSPEND SWITCH $3.00
Notebook 50.NEU01.001 C.A. COAXIAL 15inSXGA 2ND E2U $15.00
Notebook 50.NEV02.041 C.A. COAXIAL 15inXGA 2ND E2U $11.00
Notebook 50.NEV02.011 C.A. COAXIAL 15inXGA LCD E2U $11.00
Notebook 50.NBI01.061 C.A. COAXIAL CABLE FOR CMO 14in $11.00
Notebook 50.NHV01.021 C.A. COAXIAL CHI MEI 14.1in LCD $11.00
Notebook 50.NHV01.031 C.A. COAXIAL H2V $11.00
Notebook 50.NEV02.031 C.A. COVER SWITCH 5OMM E2V $3.00
Notebook 50.NDU01.021 C.A. FPC AUDIO D2W $3.00
Notebook 50.NEV02.001 C.A. FPC AUDIO E2V $3.00
Notebook 50.NKV01.021 C.A. INVERTER CABLE FOR DT CON $5.00
Notebook 50.NKU01.021 C.A. INVERTER CABLE YUHINA $5.00
Notebook 50.NKV01.031 C.A. INVERTER CABLE YUHINA FVC $5.50
Notebook 50.NJW01.031 C.A. JH2 INV-A3 $3.50
Notebook 50.NJW01.011 C.A. JH2 LCD CABLE-A4 $7.00
Notebook 50.NJW01.021 C.A. LAUCH_14P 2 CONN $3.50
Notebook 50.NDL02.001 C.A. LAUNCH PCB /W /WIRE MD2L $3.50
Notebook 50.NEV02.021 C.A. LAUNCH PCB /W WIRE E2U $3.50
Notebook 50.NDL01.001 C.A. LCD COAXIAL MD2L $8.00
Notebook 50.NDL06.001 C.A. LCD COAXIAL MD2L $5.00
Notebook 50.NDL03.001 C.A. LCD INVERTER MD2L $3.50
Notebook 50.NW705.001 C.A. LCD WIRE CABLE W37 FVC $5.00
Notebook 50.NJW01.001 C.A. MDC CABLE JH2 $3.00
Notebook 50.NW702.001 C.A. MODEM M40 $3.00
Notebook 50.NDL05.001 C.A. RJ11 AD2L $3.00
Notebook 50.NEV03.001 C.A. RJ11 E2U $3.00
Notebook 50.NW704.001 C.A. T/P FFC W37 JI-HAW $3.00
Notebook 50.NJW01.041 C.A. T/P FPC JH2 $3.50
Notebook 50.NW409.011 C.A. TP FFC M40 $3.00
Notebook 50.NKV01.041 C.A.TOUCH PAD FPC(2ND SOUR) $6.00
Notebook 50.NJW01.051 CABEL 3P 2 CONN 35MM $3.00
Notebook 50.NKU01.031 CABEL COAXIAL SXGA FVC K3U $11.00
Notebook 50.NKV01.011 CABEL COAXIAL XGA FVC K3U $8.00
Notebook 50.NHV01.011 CABLE 14in1 XGA COAXIAL H2 $9.00
Notebook 50.NBI01.021 CABLE 2C 50MM COVER SWITCH B2M $3.00
Notebook 50.NKU01.011 CABLE AUDIO $3.00
Notebook 50.NBI01.011 CABLE AUDIO DJ BD FPC $3.00
Notebook W50.41T13.002 CABLE COAXIAL 15.1inLCD XGA $9.00
Notebook 50.NDI04.001 CABLE COVER SWITCH D2W $3.00
Notebook 50.NEV01.001 CABLE FPC TOUCH PAD B2I $3.50
Notebook 50.NHV01.001 CABLE INVERT REX $4.00
Notebook 50.NKV01.001 CABLE LAUNCH K2P $8.00
Notebook 50.NAV05.001 CABLE LAUNCH KAV $3.00
Notebook 50.NBI01.051 CABLE LAUNCH PCB/W WIRE $5.00
Notebook 50.NDI01.001 CABLE LCD COAXIAL $11.00
Notebook 50.NBI01.001 CABLE LCD COAXIAL 15.1in LCD $11.00
Notebook W50.44F01.001 CABLE POWER KARIN 60MM H3V $3.00
Notebook 50.NBI01.031 CABLE POWER PCB/W WIRE $3.00
Notebook 50.NEV06.001 CABLE POWER PCB/W WIRE E2 $3.00
Notebook 50.NBI01.041 CABLE RJ11 $3.00
Notebook 50.NDU01.031 CABLE TOUCH PAD FPC $3.50
Notebook 50.NKU01.001 CABLE TOUCH PAD FPC $5.00
Notebook 27.03518.101 CORD VCTF 3C 7A125V K4A081 T-M $3.50
Notebook 50.NW409.001 COVER SW M40 $3.00
Notebook 50.NW706.001 COVER SWITCH W37 $3.00
Notebook 50.NDU01.011 FPC TOUCH PAD D2W $5.00
Notebook 27.04218.602 POWER CORD UL 2*18AWG BLK LP-5 $3.50
Notebook 50.NWD03.011 WIRE MDC 2CONN 2P 55MM $3.00
XC Cube 50.97A05.002 C.A FDD ATA33 320MM CUBE PH2 $3.00
XC Cube 50.8EC01.001 C.A HDTV CABLE FM0-0366 100MM $7.50
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