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Destop motherbo
Digital Engine
Mini PC
Power Supply
Warm touch
XC Cube


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Product Part No. Description Price
BB10 % $0.00
Destop motherbo 90.8ET57.0310 ADAPT 134.9W 19V SADP-135EB BF (i45GMt) $54.00
Digital Engine 90.90A57.0310 ADAPTER ADP-65HB BBEN 19V 65W (DE2700) $27.00
Digital Engine 90.MA557.0010 ADAPTOR 20V 90W EUP ADP-90CD BDB (MP) $43.00
Digital Engine 90.MF657.0010 ADAPTOR 90W 19V ADP-90SB BB/ MP945 MP965 DE945 DE965 $43.00
Housing 90.90A57.0010 ADAPTOR 84W 12V FSP084-DMAA1 - S135/S100E $43.00
Mini PC 90.8EX57.0130 ADAPTER 65W19DC SADP-65KB CBKF $27.00
Mini PC 90.8EM57.0010 ADAPTER 90W 19V ADP-90SB BBALF $43.00
Mini PC 25.10001.0010 ADAPTER OPTICAL P18-Q10-000Z $2.50
Mini PC 90.M0157.0010 ADAPTOR 20V 90W EUP ADP-90CD BDA $43.00
Mini PC 90.MB457.0010 ADAPTOR 90W 20V ADP-90SB BDEB $43.00
Mini PC 90.8EX57.0160 ADPT 65W19DC 1K SADP-65KB DBMF (BB10 MP915 MP945-X) $27.00
Mini PC 90.8EX57.0160 ADPT 65W19DC 1K SADP-65KB DBMF (BB10 MP915 MP945-X) $27.00
Mini PC 25.H0003.0410 CONN DVI ML TO HDMI ML ADA $12.00
Mini PC 25.H0003.0910 CONNECOTR DVI TO VGA ADAPTER $10.50
Mini PC 90.8EX57.011 DC ADAPTER 65W 19DC 1800MM $27.00
Mini PC 90.8EX57.012 DC ADAPTER 65W 19DC 9NA0650100 $27.00
Mini PC 90.8EX57.0110 DC ADAPTER 65W 19DC SADP-65KB $27.00
Notebook 90.NW757.001 ADAPTER 65W LITEON PA-1650-01 $27.00
Notebook 90.NKD57.C01 ADPT 3P 120W PA-1121-02AWC $22.00
Notebook 90.NKU57.001 ADPT 3P 20V 120W LISHIN $30.00
Notebook 90.NBI57.001 ADPT 70W 19V CCC PA-1700-02AB $24.00
Notebook 90.NAV57.002 ADT 19V90W3P ADP-90SB BBE EGRT $22.00
Notebook 25.10110.071W ADT 65W ADP-65DB 3P W/LBL GEN $22.00
Notebook 90.NW457.001 ADT 65W DELTA ADP-65DB BU $22.00
Notebook 25.10110.231 ADT 65W19V 3P ADP-65DB BU AOJ $22.00
Notebook 25.10110.072 ADT 65W3P ADP-65DB BD/1 6K $22.00
Notebook 90.NKU57.011 ADT135W 3P19V PA-1131 Y3 REV03 $30.00
Notebook 25.10155.001 ADT135W 3P19V PA-1131-08AC YU3 $30.00
Notebook 90.NDU57.012 ADT70W19V CCC PA-1700-02WO PSE $24.00
Notebook 90.N3682.001 KB FOR NB1845/1545 US DOMESTIC $18.00
XC Cube 56.44MZ1.001 ADAPTER 150W AC-DC FSP150-BBB $35.00
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